Cyber Security

Cyber Security


100% threat prevention is no longer a realistic expectation. This challenge drives a trend that aims to combine conventional cyber security strategies with cyber resilience in order to provide the organization with tactical tools necessary for fast and effective intervention.

Enterprise forensics is a new digital forensics category that is fast, remote and scalable across the entire corporate network and pushes the forensics preparation into the core of the security stack.

Binalyze is the leading innovator in corporate computer forensics.

Enterprise Forensics

Cyber Security


Every organization faces intimidating challenges to protect their business when it comes to solving global corporate difficulties. With emerging and evolving threats, privacy and compliance regulations, the increased risk that accompanies digital transformation, hundreds of point solution providers, and cheap, ineffective tools, organizations are faced with a cybersecurity dilemma that only a truly integrated cyber defense can solve. Broadcom supports innovation to help you solve your toughest challenges.

Cyber Security


Monitoring And Controlling High-Risk Web Sessions

Gain complete visibility for the user actions on web applications by using CyberArk Identity Secure Web Sessions. The secure web sessions solution is completely integrated with your current “Multiple Login” service to control the sessions by using a step-by-step approach to verify users at the beginning of and during every session, monitor user actions on protected applications, and to meet compliance requirements.

Secure Access To All Sources With Mfa

Protect the access to cloud applications, legacy applications, VPNs, virtual desktops and endpoints with CyberArk Identity Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). With CyberArk Identity Adaptive MFA, you can add context-aware authentication to all corporate resources, including RDP sessions, to prevent account hijacking and ensure that attackers cannot use compromised user credentials.

Protect Endpoints And Apply The Policy Of Minimum Privileges

Enhance endpoint security and prevent the effectiveness of ransomware attacks with CyberArk Secure Desktop. Using the Secure Desktop solution, you can remove local administrator rights and force users to pass secondary authentication during endpoint login and when privilege upgrading is required, without compromising the end user experience.

Get Secure Third-Party Access To Critical Internal Resources Through Cyberark Pam

Offer external vendors fast, easy, end-to-end encrypted privileged access to critical internal systems using CyberArk Vendor Privileged Access Manager. With Vendor Privileged Access Manager, you can ensure the security of third-party access to critical internal resources with full session isolation, monitoring, and auditing without VPNs, passwords, or agents, while integrating with your existing Identity Provider directory.

Storing And Sharing Business Identification And Assets

Ensure the security of credentials for password-based business applications and other sensitive data using CyberArk Identity Workforce Password Management. With Workforce Password Management, users can seamlessly add passwords, license numbers, and other valuable data to the CyberArk Identity Cloud or Self-Hosted Vault to reduce the spread of credentials, increase productivity, and enforce stronger security controls.

Cyber Security


Whether your business is newly expanded or newly established, there are some features you expect from security solutions you use daily. ESET believes that enterprise security software should be easy and simple. Therefore, they provide ESET Business Solutions products that will perfectly meet the expectations of corporate customers of 25 users or more.

File Security
Virtual Security
Mail Security
Endpoint Security

Cyber Security


Forcepoint emerged in 2016 as a combination of Websense's user protection, data security and cloud expertise, Raytheon Cyber Products' internal threat and analytics technology, and Stonesoft's next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities. In February 2017, the company also acquired Skyfence's cloud application protection and visibility solution, now called Forcepoint CASB (Cloud Access Security Agent). This allowed Forcepoint to combine years of experience in many areas of cybersecurity to protect organizations in every industry, from Fortune 100 companies to midsize businesses and the world's most secure defense, intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Web Security
Mail Security

Cyber Security


Gurucul Risk Analytics

Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) is a Unified Security and Risk Analytics platform based on open big data selection. GRA utilizes more than 2000 machine learning models powered by data science to generate actionable risk intelligence. GRA is not based on signatures, rules or patterns.

Gurucul Risk Analytics detects and prevents malicious acts before cyber criminals or persons with illegal behaviors cause any harm. GRA is the only security analytics platform that can readily receive all data sources. It can receive data from any sources, including registered businnes applications, to provide you with the most accurate 360 degree view of a user or an organization. In addition, GRA works with the Big Data platform of your choice:

Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Amazon EMR and more. If you don’t have a datalake, GRA comes with Hadoop for free to be used together on the platform. Gurucul Risk Analytics utilizes an extensive risk engine that constantly runs risk scoring based on past and current behaviors. GRA provides real-time warning that are prioritized based on the risk level for incident investigation and analytics. These dynamic and compound risk scores can be used to trigger automated risk-response workflows. GRA provides work guides to simply Security Orchestration Automation and Response. In addition, the platform can be integrated with many third-party SOAR solutions out of the box.

Gurucul Risk Analytics utilizes Gurucul Data Mine, an open-source big data back-end. Gurucul Data Mine is used to correlate, connect and store data from applications, platforms, NetFlow, threat intelligence and other security solutions. GRA uses this contextual information for machine learning, behavioral analytics, and deep learning.

Gurucul Risk Analytics platform powers all Gurucul cyber security products: Gurucul Analytics Driven SIEM, Gurucul UEBA, Gurucul XDR, Gurucul Risk Driven SOAR, Gurucul Security Data Lake, Gurucul ML Based NTA, Gurucul Identity Analytics ve Gurucul Fraud Analytics.

Gurucul Analytics Driven Siem

Traditional SIEM technologies focus on Incidents by providing filtering, rules and basic analytics to view the incidents. Unfortunately, most SIEM products still overwhelms the Security Operations team with a flood of information, and this makes it difficult to prioritize the incidents based on their actual risks. This is a matter of perspective. Traditional SIEM paradigm presents the incidents as defıned by the rule-based analytics without a context.

Gurucul adopts a different approach. Our product is supported by Gurucul Risk Analytics and it is more than a new generation SIEM. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on huge volumes of data in a vendor-neutral data lake, Gurucul offers all the features expected from a SIEM platform and adds capabilities that no traditional SIEM platform can match.

Access Analytics Platform
Threat Analytics Platform

Cyber Security


Enable Your Business Anywhere

Ivanti automatically finds, improves and protects every device from anywhere. Whether your team is in the hallway or spread all over the globe, Ivanti makes it easier and more secure for them to do what they do best.

Working from anywhere means that the employees need to access corporate applications and data from any device, anywhere, anytime. This is a whole new level of freedom, and a new level of security vulnerability. Navigate this landscape with security features specifically designed for the field of remote work.

Gain end-to-end security anywhere for every device, every user, every application and every network.

With Ivanti you can discover all of your IT assets at a glance in real time and make fast and accurate decisions that result in breakthrough levels of efficiency and value across your business. What if you could discover, enable, configure, and secure every device and application in your workforce, from the data center to the cloud to the edge? With Ivanti's "Unified Endpoint Management", this is not only possible, but easier than you have ever imagined.

Endpoint Manager

AppSense Enabled Management Solution

IT Varlık Yönetimi

– Endpoint Security

– Patch for SCCM, Patch for Servers, Patch for Endpoints

– Application Control (SCCM ile)

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– Service Desk

– Help Desk

– Service Management

Cyber Security


Sophos XG Firewall takes an innovative approach to all aspects of network security. From firewall management to reporting information and how it integrates with other security systems, it offers an unprecedented level of simplicity, security insight and advanced threat protection in every aspect of security. Most firewall products require you to set up and manage policies across many modules or screens; except Sophos... Sophos offers you a powerful unified policy that allows you to manage, monitor, filter and sort all your users, and edit application and network policies on a single screen.

Firewalls (XG Firewall Serisi)

From firewall management to reporting information and how it integrates with other security systems, Sophos XG Firewall offers security insight and advanced threat protection in every aspect of security.

Sophos RED (VPN Çözümü)
Sophos Antivitus

Cyber Security

Trend Micro

Streamline security management and improve visibility across physical, virtual, cloud and container environments. Effectively securing your virtualized data centers, cloud, and container environments while taking advantage from the operational, economic benefits of virtualization and the cloud has a critical importance.

If you neglect any aspect of security, you leave loopholes that open the door to threats and serious data breaches. To comply with data privacy and industry regulations, you must demonstrate that you have appropriate security regardless of your information processing.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ allows you to automate security in your DevOps processes, deliver multiple XGen™ threat defense techniques to protect runtime physical, virtual, cloud and container workloads, as well as scan container images in the software creation pipeline.

Network Security
User Protection
Detection And Intervention

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